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Let's work together to create high-quality and unique content and copy that will turn your prospects to customers. I work with financial advisors (financial planners, wealth managers), financial coaches, fintech companies, and personal finance bloggers.
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I constantly improve my service offerings to give your business the best value for money.
Many financial advisors approach content marketing without a solid plan. They create content when they feel like it. When they do create content, they write what they feel like writing, and in some (few) good moments (there’s something better), they write what they think the customers need at the moment.   To turn this around and help financial advisors gain new customers on auto-pilot with content, I develop winning content ...
The digital space is littered with rehashed and low-quality content. As the competition for your prospects’ attention increases, you need high-quality content to rise above the din. I produce high-quality, original, and well-researched content that tells a story that connects with your customers emotionally. These story-based content will inform, educate, inspire, and entertain your customers.   I also use the best SEO techniques to optimize every content. Apart from the ...
Every static page on your website must tell the same story that your content is telling. While copywriting is a skill on its own, successful financial advisors know how to align the copy with the content (through storytelling) to improve customer acquisition. I write website copy that will work together with your content to increase your customers and turn them to brand loyalists.   Good copy reinforces your content, answers ...
There are people in your industry who influence your target audience. Writing quality guest posts on their websites will give you visibility and awareness- the first step to converting your prospects to consumers. These influencers won’t settle for inferior content. I will help you create original, interactive, and high-quality guest posts that will make them ask for more.   Guest posts are useful for content promotion and authority building. I ...

Steps to Developing Content
That Generate Customers on Auto-Pilot

Understand your Business Goals and
Develop Buyer Personas and
Identify Buyer's Journey
Perform Keyword Research
and Develop Topics
Content Strategy with Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters
Build Content Schedule and Workflow
Create Content for Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters
Develop Content Promotion Plan

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